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Why LiveSpo COLON Works?

Fatigue, bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and dry skin can have the same root cause; poor gut health. With a Bacillus spore-based combination uniquely designed to survive the harsh condition, thrive, and colonize the gut with beneficial SBOs, LiveSpo Colon has helped thousands of people worldwide overcome the hard life struggling with their digestive symptoms.  

1. Higher strain potency 

The age-old saying, ""God made dirt, and dirt don't hurt"" is true. Soil-based strains (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus clausii) are vital to the food chain. They have the intrinsic ability to produce many enzymes, secretory proteins, antimicrobial compounds, vitamins, and carotenoids. These probiotics are encapsulated in excellent spores that protect them from harsh conditions such as high temperatures, stomach acid, ultra-violet, and ambient humidity. In addition to traditional human-derived probiotic strains; spore-forming, soil-based probiotic supplements promote healthy digestion and bowel regularity, maintain a healthy balance in the microflora, fortify the immune system, and regulate bowel movements. 

Unlike countless non-spore probiotics out there, our LiveSpo Colon ensures over 90% CFU survivability as they are heartier organisms.

2. Faster result

When it comes to digest probiotics, pills and powders are great, but liquid form is just better. LiveSpo Colon was designed with the genius liquid form to provide rapid relief for your digestive issues. Researches show that compared to pills and powders, liquid form doesn't require breaking down, making their bioavailability higher because they're essentially free of the need to break down actively physically. A liquid in the stomach will absorb at a much faster rate than a solid pill form will. In fact, the body can begin absorbing liquid nutrients before it even reaches the stomach.

3. Long-term values

Widely used bacteria found in fermented foods are less resilient and not resident-forming. That means that the results will be temporary. When the food is digested, these bacteria will be flushed out of your system. Our strains of B.subtilis and B.clausii, on the other hand, are reproductive, multiply rapidly and quickly bring relief to the sick digestive tract. They have their cycle of spore-proliferation in the gut. This activity continues long after the spore-forming bacteria are ingested, generating a friendly symbiotic relationship with the intestinal ecosystem.

4. Safe and vegan-friendly

LiveSpo Colon is non-allergenic and the perfect probiotic solution for people with dietary restrictions.

You may experience this, check many online stores, finally spot one probiotic supplement that is science-backed, multi-strained, and shelf-stable. But wait! Look at the other ingredients and spot… dairy! Here at LiveSpo Colon, our soil-based probiotics are safe and a perfect fit for vegan diets and those struggling with lactose intolerances.

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5. Portable and Easy to take

Just Shake - Twist and Drink, anywhere, anytime. 10 seconds to stay healthy in the rest 24 hours. Plus, LiveSpo Colon doesn't require to be kept in refrigeration as our beneficial probiotics are shelf-stable for up to 24 months. They remain fresh and ready to use without daily refrigeration.




Organic & Soil-based

Approximately 100% organic and soil-based ingredients.

Pharmacy Grade 

LiveSpo Colon probiotics are created with the best DNA verified, Pharmacy Grade ingredients that are FDA approved.

Durable Multi-Strain Spores

Our strains of Bacillus subtilis & Bacillus clausii are protected in durable spores that can withstand harsh external environments and even stomach acid to retain over 90% CFUs survivability. 

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