The difference between regular Probiotics and SPORE Probiotics

The difference between regular Probiotics and SPORE Probiotics

🔎 Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts present in the human body that may benefit a person’s health. With the “Liquid Spore Probiotics” technology, LiveSpo Colon has brought Probiotics to the next level. Here are the differences:

💊 Regular Probiotics:

Usually have a short lifespan and easy to die over time by temperature, storage, and especially when passing through stomach acid.

💧 LiveSpo Colon - Liquid SPORE Probiotics:

- Have infinite lifespan since beneficial bacteria will turn into “spore” form when they face adverse factors.

- Spore Probiotics with up to 90% CFU survivability and multiple strains of good live bacteria, spore shells resistant to harsh conditions like stomach acid and extreme temperatures, state-of-the-art liquid supplement form, our probiotics are 100 times more absorbent and more effective than typical pills and powders.

- Designed in “Liquid” form for higher absorption rate and more effective than other forms (pills and powder).

- Possess outstanding features: Heat-resistant; Time-resistant; Acid-resistant; and Antibiotics-resistant.

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