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Composition of LiveSpo Colon - Liquid Spore Probiotics

Composition of LiveSpo Colon - Liquid Spore Probiotics

Composition of the colon probiotic spores

LiveSpo Colon contains more than 3 billion of beneficial spore probiotics of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus clausii with a sufficient amount of distilled water to help restore the balance of intestinal microflora, support digestion, and reduce symptoms of colitis, gastrointestinal disturbances due to intestinal bacterial overgrowth: constipation, diarrhea, raw stool.

LIVESPO COLON’S Mechanism of Action

Bacillus clausii and Bacillus subtilis help the body synthesize many enzymes, mostly amylase and protease to support digestion/ nutrition absorption and improve appetite. These probiotics strains also synthesize vitamins, especially B vitamins, which can promote the generation of immune cells and accelerate the recovery of the patient.

Bacillus clausii

Bacillus subtilis 

  1. Minimize the negative side effects associated with antibiotic uses.
  2. Probiotics quickly move to injured and inflammatory areas of the organs or ulcers in the colon bowel to compete for nutrients and oxygen with harmful bacteria.
  3. Restore bacterial imbalance in the small intestine.
  1. Their rapid development forms a biological membrane (biofilm) to enclose the injuries. Symptoms are eased and healed faster because the injuries are prevented from harmful bacteria’s exposure and toxin release.
  2. Probiotics synthesize biological antibiotics (Bacteria, Bacillopectin, Mycobacillin, Bacilysin, Baxilomicin (A, B, C, R), Subtilin (A, B, C), Prolimicin, etc) which are capable of strongly restraining the development of harmful bacteria and quickly restoring the balance of intestinal microflora.
  3. Stimulating IgA antibody synthesis, boosting the immunity system.


Dosage and administration of COLON probiotic spores:

LiveSpo Colon can be used directly or mixed with water, tea or milk, before or after a meal (around 30 minutes).


  • Adults: Drink 2-3 ampoules/ day (depending on condition)
  • Children from 2 to 6 years old take 1-2 ampoules/day (depending on condition)
  • Children under 2 years old: Please be directed by a doctor


Who should use COLON probiotic spores?

  • People with colitis, acute and chronic intestinal disease.
  • People with irritable bowel movements (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), SIBO, GERD.
  • People often have abdominal pain, stomach upset, raw stools after consuming milk, alcohol, seafood, or cold foods.
  • People who use unsafe food are at risk of causing colon and intestinal diseases.


Does COLON have side effects?

The product only contains 2 strains of spore probiotics and a sufficient amount of distilled water, 100% natural, does not contain any enzymes, impurities, or excipients so it is completely safe and side-effect-free.

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