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Benefits of spore probiotics in relieving Colitis symptoms

Benefits of spore probiotics in relieving Colitis symptoms
  1. Spore Probiotics is the solution being used to repel gastrointestinal diseases, balance intestinal microflora, protect the digestive system and the body’s health.

Colitis is a common intestinal disease, caused by many factors such as fungi, parasites, imbalance of intestinal microflora,... derived mainly from diet and daily activities. Colitis, although not life-threatening, however, can lead to serious consequences and impact the overall quality of life and health.


  1. The role of probiotics in colitis treatment

In the intestinal tract of healthy people, there are about 100 trillion bacteria, of which beneficial bacteria account for 85%. However, these probiotics will decrease by age when the patients consume antibiotics or foods that contain chemicals, alcohol, beer...

When the death rate of beneficial bacteria is faster than the reproduction rate, the intestinal tract will be deficient in good bacteria, and the colonic defense system will be worn down. This is the ideal condition for harmful agents to develop, form painful mucosal ulcers, colon spasms, and potentially lead to dangerous complications.


  1. What probiotics should supplement for people with colitis?

For people with colon disease, the urgent problem is to simultaneously inhibit the division of harmful bacteria and create a biofilm, which acts as a "shield" covering the lesion's surface to help heal the wound.

Bacillus clausii and Bacillus subtilis are two strains of high vitality, capable of stimulating vitamin synthesis to enhance digesting and absorbing nutrients, and stimulate the intestinal tract to produce local antibodies to deal with pathogens.

In particular, Bacillus clausii is not destroyed even when the patient takes some common antibiotics, so it can support the patient's digestion during the long-term use of antibiotics.

Meanwhile, Bacillus subtilis is responsible for rapid reproduction by creating a biofilm that protects ulcers from the onslaught of bacteria and heals ulcerative areas way quicker.


  1. Why must supplement spore probiotics?

Probiotics play a fundamental role in maintaining the balance of the microflora, protecting the intestinal tract, and supplementing with probiotics which is an effective solution for colitis.

But the question is “How can probiotics survive through the stomach acid, down the colon?” That is why the Spore Probiotics Technology was born, overcoming the limitations of common probiotics.

In the active state, probiotics need metabolism, so their life cycle is usually very short. Thus, in microbial preparations containing live probiotics, probiotics may die during transport and storage. Furthermore, probiotics are poorly acid-resistant, making it difficult to survive through a high acidic environment such as gastric acid.

Spore Probiotics are the most enduring state because in this state, probiotics are protected by hydrophobic shells, making them time-resistant, heat-resistant (up to 175 Fahrenheit degrees), pH2 - pH3 (like stomach acid). When going through the stomach, having favorable conditions in the colon, the spore probiotics convert into live beneficial bacteria and expose their function.


  1. LiveSpo Colon – Spore Probiotics for Colitis.

With the main elements of 2 probiotics strains Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus clausii using the technology "LS-III Spore bacteria” Liquid Form - Multi-strain - High Concentration, LiveSpo Colon has a superior formula of 3 billion Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus clausii per 5ml, help reduce colitis, constipation, diarrhea.

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