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“We are proud to be the only manufacturer in Vietnam and the second in the world that currently possesses the technology to produce spore suspension probiotics with infinite durability in normal storage, time-resistant, heat-resistant, acid-resistant...”- Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh.


The journey of 15 years positioning a Vietnamese brand on the world map

Years ago, Nguyen Hoa Anh, a former student of Hanoi University of Technology, paid special attention to the probiotic spore technology - an area which at that time in the world, both knowledge and technology were still very limited and out of date. Accordingly, probiotic products when in the form of probiotic spores (the state in which probiotics have good tolerance to extreme factors, such as lack of nutrition, the temperature during storage, stomach acid environment ...) the probiotic spore state is not stable. Most probiotic spores will germinate, become probiotic during storage or transport, or will die almost entirely after a short time.

And, until that time, the world had only one pharmaceutical company that succeeded in producing live probiotics in spore mixes (1958). These are the first probiotics, generating a huge leap in the application of a therapeutic probiotic and registered as a medicine. However, this product only has one strain of Bacillus clausii.

So how can manufacturing a probiotics product overcome all the disadvantages of previous products?

That question is always standing in the mind of scientist Nguyen Hoa Anh. And the more difficult it seems, the greater the determination to find the answer. That is also the reason why he focused his time and mind on this field with the goal: to invent technology that produces stable probiotic spores.

After 15 years of studying and researching, Nguyen Hoa Anh, now becoming a Ph.D. at Tohoku School, Japan returns with his dream "For a Vietnam without antibiotics", and the desire to develop technology in the native country. However, that is not the only reason urging the young Vietnamese man to return to the nation, but also marking a new journey, the journey of establishing a Vietnamese brand in the field of Global biotechnology.

It was this opportunity that allowed him to work in the best machinery and equipment conditions, to meet with the best associates of the country in the field of biotechnology. During 2 months of constant work around the clock, from someone who has never used the Bioreactor, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh has become an expert who invents the first "LS-III Probiotic Spores" in Powder form while nobody in the world can at that moment.

In 2013, the first commercial product in Water Form was born, marking the technology "LS-III Spore Probiotics "is already at the level of perfection. This technology overcomes all the previous disadvantages of traditional probiotics: Multi-strains - High concentration - Heat Resistant up to 175 degrees F- Acid resistant, even acid pH2 which is similar to the acid in stomach fluids.

At the convention: "Breakthrough biotechnology solutions to support the treatment of intestinal diseases - Dr.ANH, the first water-based, multi-strain, high concentration spore probiotic in the world" On January 10, 2019, at Melia Hotel - Hanoi, Prof. Dr. Phung Dac Cam shared: “The product is a new technology, integrating many probiotics strains that are resistant to bacteria causing intestinal diseases. In particular, probiotics are maintained in the state of spores, heat, time, and are exceptionally high-concentration”.

On February 23, 2019, at the MOU signing ceremony between Water Resources University and Tohoku University, Japan, combining with the establishment of Tohoku University Alumni Association in Vietnam, Professor. Hideo Ohno - Headmaster of Tohoku University, after listening to the story of the probiotic spore technology Dr. ANH, he shared that: “The fact that a former student of Tohoku University became a new inventor, having useful, global research is a very precious and proud thing for myself as well as Tohoku school”.



On June 19, 2019, at the 13th International Scientific Conference on Probiotic, Prebiotic, Gut Microbiota & Health (IPC 2019) held at the International Convention Center in Prague, the Czech Republic, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh has successfully announced probiotic effect to treat acute diarrhea within 30 minutes by using Predictive Spore Probiotics Technology, which shortens the germination time of the probiotic spores to take effect quickly.

This technology is then Ph.D. Nguyen Hoa Anh and a group of scientists in the field of probiotics researched and applied to the gynecological spray containing beneficial bacteria LiveSpo X-Secret to support the treatment of infections and itchy fungi. The product is transferred from the scientific topic of probiotic development for women, under the University of Natural Sciences, Hanoi National University.



LiveSpo Global is an innovative consumer health product company, specializing in LiveSpo’s 5th generation Spores Probiotics Technology – producing spore-based probiotics in liquid form, multi-strains, and high concentration.

LiveSpo Pharma, formerly known as ANABIO R&D, was founded in 2010, by a group of 3 founders, with proprietary technology developed by Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh. After 15 years of studying and working in molecular biology at Tohoku University, Japan, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh returned to Vietnam in 2010.

After months working around the clock, in 2013, the first commercial spore-based probiotics in liquid form was launched. This technology surpassed all the disadvantages of traditional probiotics: multi-strains, high concentration, resistant to temperature up to 80oC, and resistant to acid, even at pH2, the acid level in the stomach.

In 2014, LiveSpo Global’s spore probiotic products began to be exported to countries around the world. Since then, we continued to expand our categories from the main product line of spore-based liquid probiotic digestive supplements to a wider range product line for respiratory, skin care, acne treatment, etc. LiveSpo Global products are supplied by LiveSpo Pharma’s Factory in Yen Nghia, Ha Dong, registered with the US FDA.

Due to the advantage of LiveSpo’s Spores Probiotics Technology can be easily applied in industrial scale, it enables the company to expand its business not only in the domestic market but also exporting to more than 20 countries in the worl, including America, Uganda, Peru , Balan, Poland, Turkey, Greek, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia…

In the future, LiveSpo Global aims to become a digital pharmaceutical company that revolutionizes the way consumers care for health by creating favorable conditions to help consumers of all ages easily access to spore probiotic product.

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